Pro Bono & Social Legislation

Anbay Legal recognises that even today there is a major section of society which has been marginalised as a result of prejudicial exploitation. Recognising the need to foster rule of law and the mandate provided for in the Preamble to secure to all its citizens: Justice, social, economic, and political, the firm takes up pro bono cases time to time. The scope of such cases is wide and may include voicing of the marginalised through strategic legal actions. The firm takes into consideration the needs of the marginalised and in the stead of being swayed away by emotions, conducts an objective review before taking up a case.

Pro bono practice –

  • Customised advisory to the clients depending on various aspects especially taking into consideration the nature of the case, the marginalised group (if any) or individual concerned, the impact of the case in the long-term, among others.
  • Filing of Public Interest Litigation (where the case so demands) at the appropriate forum.
  • Drafting and documentation for filing at various forums, with special reference to filing applications with the Governmental departments, ministries, organisations, etc.