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At Anbay Legal we look to recruit individuals who can combine an impressive academic track record with excellent technical skills. People who will bring energy, enthusiasm and creativity, who can build strong relationships, with colleagues and with clients, and who can bring clarity to complex situations, are committed to excellence, and are good problem solvers.

We believe in realizing the potential of each attorney and give him/her an opportunity to grow professionally. Anbay Legal values continuous learning and encourages its attorneys to be open to learn, listen and share. It’s our people and our culture which make us stand out as a law firm. Irrespective of seniority, every member is respected and valued for their individual contribution. We ensure that whatever the role, or the level, our people lead challenging and satisfying careers, providing them with the resources and support required for continuous professional and personal development and a rewarding work/life balance.

Whether you are a fresh law graduate who wants to find feet in the industry or you are an attorney who is looking to work in a specific area of law, send your CV to along with a covering letter stating your academic credentials, work experience and your view about how you could be an asset to our firm.


Anbay Legal promotes internship for students studying in law colleges across the nation. However, in lieu of factors such as the strategic needs of our clients, legal nuances involved in the kind of cases received, need for undertaking inter-disciplinary research, and the factum of duration, we provide internship to students from the third year onward throughout the year. The tenure of internship is for two-months (minimum) and may on a case-to-case review basis be relaxed.

send your CV to along with a covering letter stating your academic credentials.