Best Practice Compendium on Anti-Corruption

Corruption retards the pace of development and impedes development activities. It not only surpasses economic growth by driving up costs but also undermines sustainable management of the environment and natural resources, resulting in malfunctioning and weak governance in healthcare and other sectors.

This “Best Practices Compendium on Anti-Corruption: “Strengthening Transparency, Accountability and Value-based Healthcare in India” acts as a guide for the healthcare, corporate, academia, and other potential sectors to promote ethical business practices within their organizations/companies by addressing corruption challenges at different levels.

This publication is made for knowledge transformation purposes and to promote best practices across the sectors by mitigating and eradicating corruption challenges.

Anbay Legal as an active member of the ACCA Working Group of UN GCNI, contributed to compiling and creating this Best Practice Compendium. We encourage stakeholders from across the sectors to refer to this wonderful publication of UN GCNI and support it in its journey towards strengthening transparency and integrity across the sectors.  

To access more information and publication, please visit UN GCNI’s website:  

Download UN GCNI Compendium on Anti-Corruption